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LEAD Course

The LEAD course is an 8 session leadership development course helping to equip and release people to lead in God’s kingdom.
Each session will cover a common theme in the area of
Leadership in the Bible
Leadership Foundation
Leadership Outworked

This year the session dates and titles are as follows (talks will be uploaded soon after the session hads been delivered)

June 10th “Serving to lead”
Leadership in the Bible – Jesus
Leadership Foundations – what is leadership
Leadership Outworked – knowing me, knowing you

July 15th “Leading self first”
Leadership in the Bible – Paul
Leadership Foundations – Spiritual Health Check
Leadership Outworked – Leading Self

Sept 16th “Leading others”
Leadership in the Bible – Deborah
Leadership Foundations – Healthy Cultures
Leadership Outworked – Leading People and Teams

Oct 21st “Communication”
Leadership in the Bible – Nehemiah
Leadership Foundations – Listening well
NB the first part of this talk did not record properly, it started with an acitivty, then Eileen began to share barriers to listening and covered Thinking, Evaluating, Disagreeing…
Leadership Outworked – Speaking to groups

Nov 18th “Coping with issues”
Leadership in the Bible – Moses
Leadership Foundations – Criticism
Leadership Outworked – Leading through LIFE

Jan 13th “God involved”
Leadership in the Bible – Gideon
Leadership Foundations – Calling, Gifting and Anointing
Leadership Outworked – Pastoral Heart of Leaders

Feb 24th “Vision & strategy
Leadership in the Bible – Joshua
Leadership Foundations – The power of vision
Leadership Outworked – Vision and Strategy

March 24 “Passion – lasting the distance”