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Kid's Page

Here are some resources to help you explore the Bible with your kids during this season.

Sunday 24th May This week we’re thinking about following Jesus. Watch this short video of when Jesus called Peter to follow him

To help you understand what it means to Follow Jesus there is an activity sheet and a board game you can download HERE for during he talk.

For during the week
Do look at this great resource that is being developed right now. We all enjoyed the Bible Course a few years ago, learning the big story of God, and now you can do this within your family too.
Short 10-15 minute daily family times to look at the story of the Bible, build up a Bible time line and learn how it all fits together – its all here on this website – watch this introduction video to learn more

Watch this video on how it works

and then go to the website to start your journey.

“Teach a child when they are young and they will remember it all the days of their lives” Proverbs

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