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God loves community. He always intended to have people living out life together through meaningful Jesus-centred relationships. That is why we encourage everyone to join a HomeGroup. They are a place to ‘do life’ together: learning, caring, eating, praying, supporting and just enjoying being together.

WHY join a HomeGroup?

Each time we gather you have the chance to GIVE something of God to someone else. Be that an encouraging word, a supportive prayer, a piece of wisdom & experience or a loving smile.
If we all come to give, then we must all RECEIVE. It’s a safe place to receive support.
Life is so much better with friends; it’s good to learn together, laugh together, eat together, work together, pray together, grow together in other words DO life together.

And with 10 great groups to choose from, some weekly, some fortnightly, some daytime and different styles – which one fits you best?
Pick up the latest HomeGroup brochure from the church foyer.