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Leadership Team

The King's Church Arnold - Mark and Sarah Hopkins Mark and Sarah Hopkins joined The King’s Church in 1991, when they moved to Nottingham.
Mark has the privilege of working full time for the church, heading up the leadership and staff teams.
Mark loves to see the local church rise up and see their community changed by the power and truth of the gospel. Mark is part of the Nottingham City Prayer leadership team. He also serves as a director for Groundlevel overseeing their leadership training course.
Sarah is part of the leadership team and oversees the pastoral teams and HomeGroups of the church
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The King's Church Arnold - Rob and Eileen Burwood Rob Burwood and his wife Eileen have been part of the church since 1990, when they returned to Nottingham after pastoring a church in Cornwall. Before this, Rob was the Assistant Minister at Cornerstone Evangelical Church, which planted The Kings Church in 1987.

They share a passion to see believers with strong foundations, discipled in the Word and full of the Holy Spirit, accountable, and secure in God. They lead an intergenerational home group called Brink and teach youth on Sundays.

Rob serves as a Trustee and he oversees the preaching and teaching, intending Christians to grow in their knowledge and experience of God.

The King's Church Arnold - Beth Moran Beth Moran joined the church with her husband, George, in 2000.
A passionate communicator, she also loves running the 20s HomeGroup with her husband.
Beth works as an author, bid writer and is trustee of the national women`s network Free Range Chicks.

George and Beth have three older children.

(You can read Beth’s blog here.)

The King's Church Arnold - Andrea Smith Andrea Smith and her husband Martin joined the church in 2008. They have a great heart to serve and and run a HomeGroup. Andrea serves on the leadership team, and currently has joint oversight of the children’s work on a Sunday morning.


Ruth Humphreys is the church administrator, doing a fantastic job in keeping the church organised. You can find her in the office on a Tuesday Morning, or Friday morning, or send her an E-mail

John Coates is the Centre Manager for the King’s Money Advice Centre.